Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free Software tips!

I got this email from my Skinwerks family member, Scotty Padget - graphic designer extraordinaire!

I get a lot of tips/tricks from friends who do nothing but test / search / and use free software’s across the net for different purposes. So I thought I would pass some of the latest versions your way.


(free light weight antivirus protection, uses very little memory, # 1 download)

Syncplicity -

(Online Data Backup, It’s really good when you have 2 or more computers that you have all the same files on, ex – laptop vs desktop)

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wwdj said...

Hi ,

Syncplicity is nice but I've stumbled upon a similar product called nomadesk.

I’ve tried both and I have to say Syncplicity is nice but nomadesk is soo much better, check their movie on their homepage and you will see it yourself ;-)