Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Frugal Getaway...

photo courtesy www.elijaycabin.com

Since the beginning of the year I've been working at work (oh, wow, really?) and working (on artwork for art shows) at home. I rarely came out to catch up with friends because of that reason. I think it caught up with me when my fiance came home from tour and shortly after my body broke down and I got sick! It was time for this A-type personality to force herself to be treated with a mini-vacation (though still I brought artwork stuff to work on).

I have so many things I need to save money on, so how does this frugal bunny do this?

Well, take advantage of your area! I've lived in Atlanta officially since 2003, and I still had NEVER spent time in the North Georgia Mountains (the foothills of Appalachia). Only an hour and a half away, there are tons of secluded cabins for rent for awesome prices. For a cabin for two, you can have a cabin with a fenced in yard for your pet (some cabins require NO pet deposit!), a hot tub, gas grill, hockey table (or other such entertainment), full kitchen with accessories, etc. for the price of a mid-grade hotel. All you need to bring besides your belongings, is food and beverages, which you can get at the grocery store, or better yet - your local farmer's market (which is cheaper and fresher!)!!! If you get a group of friends together, there are cabins that sleep all the way up to 9 people comfortably (and maybe more if some don't mind sleeping in sleeping bags on the couch or floor), and it would be EVEN less expensive! WOW! FUNNN!

Of course, always make sure you read everything the cabin renter owners give you - beware of animals, be responsible and don't leave trash around or leave lights on at night to attract bugs and animals. You know the drill - just don't mess up this great trip for you or others, okayyyyyy????

If you don't live in Atlanta, check out your own area. There are so many great deals for a Nature getaway. You can even bring your car and camp in campgrounds for less than $15 a night if you want to "rough it". Or take a trip during off-season - there are tons of discounts offered, even AT THE BEACH!!!! That's even cheaper! And it's getting you away from the hustle and bustle of urban (or suburban) life, getting you a whiff of Nature. It's good for your soul! :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tiger Balm.

A little story...

My fiance's neck was hurting and he ran out of Tiger Balm. So one day I was shopping at my favorite health food store, Return to Eden on LaVista Rd, and found Tiger Balm for $6.99. I was like, "Hm. When I was little, my parents got Tiger Balm at the Asian grocery store." So I waited till the next time I went to my local Asian Food Store (First Oriental Food Store by the Dekalb Farmer's Market in Decatur) and asked for Tiger Balm. It was $4.50. I was like "YES!!!!"

When shopping for Asian produced products, especially medicinal ones, it pays to go to the Asian food store. They usually buy in wholesale and sell it for dirt cheap (at least, as cheap as you can find in the States).

So, if you're looking for dumpling or eggroll wraps, rice, rice noodles, seaweed, nori wraps, even ramen noodles! You'll probably save more when you support your local Ethnic food store - plus, you might experience new things, which is always good for the soul! :)