Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great Group Coupons Thingies!

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Wondering what to do for presents, or even just for yourself? Well, I've been seeing some sites, lately - mostly local, BUT wherever you may be, there are probably equivalents you can find - that can save you on gift cards & other services! - the link to this one leads to the Atlanta local link, but I know there are links to other major cities. This site asks businesses to sell, for example, a $50 gift certificate to their restaurant for only $35. Or a spa could sell $100 worth of services for only $40! The catch is - they have to sell the set minimum amount of these deals in order for these deals to manifest, AND these are daily deals, too! So act fast and check often! - this is an awesome site that I LOVE! This features green businesses who will sell gift certificates for half off their store value! I got $50 worth of food from Pizza Fusion (because they make yummy gluten and dairy free pizzas, sooo yum!) for only $25! I was SO excited, because I only go there like once or twice a year because they're a little expensive (justly so, but I AM a frugal bunny, after all!). I also found a new doggie daycare place close to my house that I didn't even know existed, AND they're green! So I'm thinking about looking into them, buying a gift cert and trying them out with my pup :) Yay! I love this site!

MyDailyThread - this one has a similar concept to Groupon. This site seems to really support local and independent businesses, much like the above sites.

I love these sites because they're social responsible AND gives us a chance to splurge on luxuries we normally can't or won't afford, without actually splurging :) :) :)

~Jenny Bunns <3

Friday, November 13, 2009

6 Things I Want to Live Efficiently

I came across this article today: 10 New Ways To GO Green - Huffington Post
And it gave way to this wish list I have in my head about self-sufficient living, so I thought I'd list them here!

The Urban Homestead Book -
I have this book on my wishlist at But I kind of have a feeling that no one would want to give this book up! I'm sure eventually I will have to purchase it. I don't think I would do EVERYthing in this reference book, but I sure want to learn and see what I'm actually willing to do.

Ecolo Blue Atmospheric Water Generator
This device takes in water from the air - just like a dehumidifier - only this filters it into clean, healthy drinking water! Imagine - getting up to 7 gallons a day of FREE, CLEAN, drinkable water! Even with everyone in my household combined, we do not drink that much water a day - but we can use this free water for anything else! Screw city water! :P

Ambient Air Refrigerator
Use the outdoors to keep certain foods cooler. Hm, I don't know if I keep enough food like this to need one. But it's certainly a great idea for those who do! And who knows - maybe I WOULD keep more food if I had one of these!

Sink-Toilet Grey Water Combo
This might seem a little weird. But if you have a tiny 1/2 bathroom or looking to turn a small space into a bathroom, it'd be awesome to one of these... You wash your hands with the sink, the water used to do that goes into the toilet tank system and is ultimately used to flush down your, uh, presents for the sewer gods. Space-saving and efficient, this is something I'd want to do EVENTUALLY (when I win the lottery) when I install another bathroom in my house. This one's definitely on my wishlist.

Worm Composting Bin!
If we had a composting bin, we would eliminate a lot of our trash production. Our household doesn't produce TOO much trash - we only have to take the trash to the corner for pick up every 2-3 weeks instead of each week. But STILL...! And this could lead to more fertile soil to make one's own veggie garden. I think a bin would be better for our situation, because I wouldn't want my scampy little dog to get into this - he loves rolling in smelly things. Oh, dogs... So this would be ideal for all of us!

Rain Barrels
And of course - let's catch the rain sent by the Bunny Gods, to water our lawns and gardens! Properly made ones are mosquito-proof (thank goodness, because I hate those buggers!

Well, that's all I've got for now... Progress on my backyard is SLOW. Mostly because I'm allergic to mosquitos (sometimes people think I've fallen down stairs, but in reality I had been abused by mosquitos), so these Georgia summers are bad for me :( But SLOWLY but surely, my fiance is helping - in fact, he pretty much does all the work :) I hope that posting this blog, however, motivates me to pick up wherever he leaves off when he goes out of town this fall and winter. It might be colder, but at least the insects are kept at a minimum, and I can do what I can do help make use of the land I own! <3

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some articles, some Jenny Bunns tips... :)


I ran into this article that may help us cut down on expenses painlessly. If anything, it's inspirational and may lead to your own ideas on how to cut down expenses! Click below for the article...

25 Ways to Cut Down Household Expenses on!

Here's another link to some water-saving tips (it's actually the link provided in the article above)!
Reduce Waterbill on!

And for my own tips...

I've recently started going to the gym regularly. I finally found a location convenient enough for me to actually WANT to go!!! Thanks to my friends, Nicolette and Tasha, who introduced me to the location (only 5 minutes away from my house and I never even knew it!) is a fairly new YMCA facility. The "Y" is pretty inexpensive compared to most other gyms (possible all) in and of itself. On top of that, they also offer financial aid, if you qualify. I certainly qualified, so my monthly fee is $31! That's almost a dollar a day - not too shabby for a lifetime of personal health! :) :)

Another tip coming off this one is... that you can save a lot of water usage in your home if you use the showers at the gym. You should still use the same water-saving courtesies as you would at home, but it certainly saves time and a bit of cash for you too.

I've also tried to get into the habit of reading a bit more. I thought about getting a Kindle. It's portable and you can hold thousands of books in that tiny little thing! You save space for sure! But... at least for now, I'm still not convinced that it saves money - the books themselves are still about the same cost as a physical book. Still great for saving trees.... but at this very moment, I can simply put the Kindle on my Christmas/Birthday list and hope someone reads my mind (which is where I keep my Christmas/Birthday list)....

Soo.... I've found these great alternatives for saving money and space on books....

Bookswim is a website that's very much like Netflix - but instead of DVDs, it's books! There are different levels of membership you can sign up for.

And then there's Paperback Swap, a website that facilitates trading paperback books with other people! The books you order are yours to keep, and if someone orders your book, you drop it in the mailbox. Of course, you have to pay for the postage when sending a book OUT. But you get a "credit" from the site when you order from someone else. I think it's a small price to pay for a virtually free book. This saves trees, saves space in your home, and saves money! This is AWEsome!!! :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saving Money on a Gluten-free Diet

For those of you who don't know, I am gluten intolerant, so I have to be on a gluten-free (GF) diet. It's been almost 3 years since I've started on it, and boy is it still tough to this day!

Not only is seemingly everything I grew up eating has gluten in it, so therefore was thrusted into a totally foreign lifestyle that I did NOT enjoy (I still have dreams of cakes and cookies and pizza and mac 'n cheese). But it also took a hit to my wallet. A significant hit. Where I was completely satisfied with living off of ramen noodles (supplemented with veggies and an egg dropped into the boiling pot) and mac 'n cheese (extra cheese, please! and pass the Sriracha sauce!) before, I had to go to health food stores to look for ready to eat, prepackaged gluten free alternatives, like frozen dinners, breads, baked goods, snacks, etc. But it was EXPENSIVE. It was a struggle to realize that I wasn't as limited as I thought - it's just that I had been eating a horrible (and typically American) diet of processed foods and junk food.

I still treat myself to a gluten-free frozen meal (for work), a rice noodle bowl, or some GF cookies. But through the years, I've learned that there is an unlimited GF menu at my disposal, and it doesn't have to cost me 90% of my earnings (after bills)! The article link below PRETTY much sums it up. But if anyone has any questions, comments, etc. for ME, just add a comment and I will try my best to answer them!

5 Tips to Optimize the Financial Sustainability of the Gluten-Free Diet

~Jenny Bunns <3

Monday, September 7, 2009

Extreme Frugality

My friend, Liz, sent me a link to this interesting website: frugality

If you're a foodie, this has great articles, and if you're a frugal foodie, this is even better! :)

~Jenny Bunns

Friday, August 7, 2009

For the Frugal Fashionistas

For the Frugal Fashionistas

I got an E-vite from an old college buddy, Heather, the other day. Unfortunately I couldn't attend because I work over the weekends, but this great idea was brought to my attention, thanks to her.

It was a clothing swap party!!!

What a great idea, an idea that's been around for a while, I'm sure. I know I have some fashionable friends, and it'd be fun to get your buddies and their buddies together and throw a clothing swap party.

*Declutter. I love this word, "declutter". Intrinsically I'm a minimalist, but I do admit I struggle with it, too. Sometimes stuff accumulates until I can't stand it anymore. That's when I go through my stuff and throw aside what I never use anymore. It's a great feeling - it gives me more space, and in a way, it helps my mind "declutter" too, giving room to new thoughts and ideas (or new clothes).

*Invite. The more the merrier - the more people participating, the more numerous and diverse the clothing picks are.

*Bring. You wouldn't want your best friend to wear some raggedy ol' sweatshirt with mustard stains on it, would you? Of course not! So whatever items you decide to bring, make sure they're in good to excellent condition. The goal is to get rid of this stuff to make room for new cool stuff, isn't it?

Well, good luck everybunnies! Leave a comment - tell us all how yours went!!! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Staying In: The New Out

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More and more people are realizing they have to readjust their spending/saving habits. The credit system is screwed up and has screwed many many people. And to avoid that, people are starting to spend below their means. One of those ways is that people are taking "staycations" and staying in for entertainment and hanging out with friends. I'm still a strong believer in supporting my local pub or restaurant - but sometimes I DO have fight the urge to splurge without sacrificing my social life.

Potluck Parties
If everyone brings a little something, they can enjoy a great meal while learning about some dishes or two from their friends. Sometimes groups of friends alternate homes for a change in environment (and to alternate clean up/set up/etc. duties).

Sometimes these parties can have themes. I personally enjoy hosting potluck parties in which everyone has the option to interact with the food prep. For example, I've held a sushi party before, in which people have the option to roll their own sushi. It was interesting and funny to see the results - but hey, everything looks the same once it goes into the stomach, right? There was nothing leftover by the time everyone left, so it must've been good :) Earlier this week I also hosted a dumpling party - everyone brought beverages and a fruit or veggie snack, and those who wanted got to wrap the dumplings. I spent $20 to feed 8 people on delicious dumplings, WOW! You can do all sorts of foods - Fajitas, Tacos, Eggrolls, even Pizza (pick your own toppings)! And if everyone contributes, you really do save a lot of money.

On that same vein, BBQ's are fun, too! And people can contribute to this as well. Especially on a nice day, these are wonderful, and even more especial, if you do it at a pool, it's even more awesome! Don't own a pool? I'm sure you might have a friend who has one at their apartment complex or some such thing. No? Ok, how about a kiddie pool? Ah, shucks. I ran out of ideas... Well... either way, they're still fun because you've got your friends :)

Movie Night
This can be done in themes, too. Boys night, girls night, horror movie night, Twin Peaks marathon, Lord of the Rings marathon, etc. etc. etc. People can bring snacks and beverages!

Cooking/Baking Night
Do you know a friend or two who makes a dish you absolutely love and always wanted to know how to make? This could be a great way to get that secret recipe from your friend - in exchange for a recipe of your own, of course...

Book/Movie Club
Ok, this might sound too nerdy for some people. But there can be creative ways to do this, too! Read some Paluhniuk or some Murakami for some spooky quirky reading. Or do a graphic novel themed book club! Comic book these days span WAY beyond those superpowered mutants in tights and underwear. Some can be just as moving or intellectually stimulating as any other prose novel.

Craft/Construction Time!
Even people without any artistic ability can have fun doing crafts or scrapbooking. Or you want to build a custom made bookshelf? Invite some friends to help while sharing some beer and pizza amongst each other.

These are just basic ideas, but I hope this gives some inspiration for some creative Inny Outings :) I'm curious to see what else people have done to entertain themselves at home! Yee! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How Stuff Works link

Hey, I ran into this fun little article on It also has links to other fun (and maybe even useful!) information!

Check this out:

"10 Ways To Cut Grocery Spending"

Monday, April 27, 2009

Motor Club Savings Tip

I know it's been a while since I've done a new post. Sowwee! Been soooooo busy, pant pant pant! Whew!

Just wanted to share this quick tip...

There may be cheaper ways to get roadside assistance than AAA. I'm not trying to say AAA sucks - in fact, they've got great benefits! BUT... we're all on a budget and have to par down our needs. Someone told me that AT&T offers roadside assistance through the iPhone. But I'm not quite sure, since I don't have an iPhone...

But one thing I DO know... I've contacted my friendly insurance company and asked about roadside assistance. $7.50 per pay period per car later, I have as much reassurace as AAA gave me, saving me about $50 a year! YES!!!!!!!

~Jenny Bunns

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Frugal Getaway...

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Since the beginning of the year I've been working at work (oh, wow, really?) and working (on artwork for art shows) at home. I rarely came out to catch up with friends because of that reason. I think it caught up with me when my fiance came home from tour and shortly after my body broke down and I got sick! It was time for this A-type personality to force herself to be treated with a mini-vacation (though still I brought artwork stuff to work on).

I have so many things I need to save money on, so how does this frugal bunny do this?

Well, take advantage of your area! I've lived in Atlanta officially since 2003, and I still had NEVER spent time in the North Georgia Mountains (the foothills of Appalachia). Only an hour and a half away, there are tons of secluded cabins for rent for awesome prices. For a cabin for two, you can have a cabin with a fenced in yard for your pet (some cabins require NO pet deposit!), a hot tub, gas grill, hockey table (or other such entertainment), full kitchen with accessories, etc. for the price of a mid-grade hotel. All you need to bring besides your belongings, is food and beverages, which you can get at the grocery store, or better yet - your local farmer's market (which is cheaper and fresher!)!!! If you get a group of friends together, there are cabins that sleep all the way up to 9 people comfortably (and maybe more if some don't mind sleeping in sleeping bags on the couch or floor), and it would be EVEN less expensive! WOW! FUNNN!

Of course, always make sure you read everything the cabin renter owners give you - beware of animals, be responsible and don't leave trash around or leave lights on at night to attract bugs and animals. You know the drill - just don't mess up this great trip for you or others, okayyyyyy????

If you don't live in Atlanta, check out your own area. There are so many great deals for a Nature getaway. You can even bring your car and camp in campgrounds for less than $15 a night if you want to "rough it". Or take a trip during off-season - there are tons of discounts offered, even AT THE BEACH!!!! That's even cheaper! And it's getting you away from the hustle and bustle of urban (or suburban) life, getting you a whiff of Nature. It's good for your soul! :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tiger Balm.

A little story...

My fiance's neck was hurting and he ran out of Tiger Balm. So one day I was shopping at my favorite health food store, Return to Eden on LaVista Rd, and found Tiger Balm for $6.99. I was like, "Hm. When I was little, my parents got Tiger Balm at the Asian grocery store." So I waited till the next time I went to my local Asian Food Store (First Oriental Food Store by the Dekalb Farmer's Market in Decatur) and asked for Tiger Balm. It was $4.50. I was like "YES!!!!"

When shopping for Asian produced products, especially medicinal ones, it pays to go to the Asian food store. They usually buy in wholesale and sell it for dirt cheap (at least, as cheap as you can find in the States).

So, if you're looking for dumpling or eggroll wraps, rice, rice noodles, seaweed, nori wraps, even ramen noodles! You'll probably save more when you support your local Ethnic food store - plus, you might experience new things, which is always good for the soul! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eating at the Workplace

Eating Out at Work

I didn’t get a chance to get groceries on my designated grocery day this week. So I hardly have any food at home, which I usually bring to work everyday to save money and to make sure I’m eating somewhat healthy. I’ve decided to take this opportunity to do an experiment:

How frugal can I be, eating out during my 10 hour work day?

Here are some conditions pre-set in place:

*I’m gluten intolerant, so this is going to be even harder for me to find food I can eat. It’s easy to get a cheap meal from Mickey D’s for most people, but you also sacrifice health! I think in ANY food take-out, you’ll most likely be sacrificing some healthy aspect, but I’ll try my best.

*At home I have cream of buckwheat or millet and agave syrup for a quick breakfast, so it’ll tide me over till I get to work. I also still have a bag of tangerines that I’ll be bringing to work or eating at home for a snack.

*The week that follows this, I’m going to keep track of how much I spend on buying groceries and preparing them for food at work to compare how much time, healthy eating, and money I’ve spent on both methods of fueling my body.

Okay, let’s start this 4-day experiment!

Eating Out Without a Plan


I spent 9.62 on corn tortillas and some Mexican platter from next door at work. I was hoping I could stretch it and make more than one meal out of this. It did – somewhat – but it only lasted one day’s worth. I also spent 3.19 on a McFlurry. I needed my ice cream fix – I hadn’t had any for weeks! I knew I splurged on the ice cream, but I knew it’d be the last ice treat I’d give myself. Still, though, I spent a hefty bit of money for one day. Tonight as I go to bed, I shall strategize….

TOTAL: $12.81


I went to Publix grocery store this morning before work. I got:
-celery (I had peanut butter at work)
-cheese spread (I had gluten free crackers at work too)
-a small salad
-gluten free frozen enchilada
-box of wheat-free oat bars (oats are ok for me, as long as I eat sparingly)

TOTAL: 14.05

It only saves me that I had a couple of things at work waiting for me just for occasions like this when I’m desperate for something in my tummy. Today I ate the enchiladas, half the cracker box, the small salad and a couple of oat bars. So I should I have enough for tomorrow without having to buy anything. See, even grocery shopping for easy-to-make or ready-made meals/snacks is cheaper than eating out, whether you’re on a gluten-free diet or not! So… hopefully tomorrow I’ll have enough snacks to get me through the day. We’ll seeeeee!!!!


I ate most of what I bought from the grocery store the day before. Yes! Though… it wasn’t really good I WANTED to eat, and it was mostly snacking, as opposed to having meals. Not that I mind snacking… it was just slightly limiting and unsatisfying, but it did the job – filled my stomach and fueled my body.

TOTAL: $0.00


I bought an Amy’s gluten free enchilada frozen meal, and sweet potato pancakes today. I was FULL!

TOTAL: approximately $7


On average, I spent 8.46 per day. That’s a little high… but it wasn’t AS bad as I thought it’d be, thanks to Return to Eden, a great health food store, and Publix. I would have spent a lot more if those stores weren’t so close by my work. Plus, I was also blessed with already having a few items on hand. So technically, I spent a little more. Also… going to the grocery stores might’ve been cheating. But really – it’s almost impossible to eat out everyday decently when you’re gluten-free, and all there are around are fast food joints. Let’s see how next week fares with buying groceries and preparing my own food.


I went to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market, the cheapest yet most quality grocery shopping I have found in Atlanta. Without that pesky middle man and clever (yet ethical) businessmanship, the DFM is AWWWWWESOME!!!!! Or, as my Southern fiancĂ© would say, “OHsome!” Everything, from the dairy and meats, to the seafood to the breads and produce… everything is fresh, and they make much of their own products, such as fresh-roasted coffee, freshly ground peanut or cashew butter, all baked goods are made there, etc. etc. They even have a little cafeteria. Anyway, with the high quality of food and the very low prices, it’s totally worth the trip over there every week. Sometimes it’s hard to get over there with my hectic schedule, but I try my best!

So… for this work week I got…

Kamut bread 2.99
Earth Balance Buttery Spread 3.49
Tomatoes .97 (yes, three whole tomatoes for under a dollar! The secret? Buy their pre-bagged produce!)
Cucumbers 1.29
½ lb. Deli Turkey Meat 2.39
Sliced Muenster Cheese 2.17
Sliced Pepper Jack Cheese 1.81
Roasted Red Peppers 1.69
Blackberries 1.29 (yes, that’s cheap for berries! The secret? Buy fruits IN PEAK SEASON!)
Dozen Free-range Eggs 2.39

TOTAL: 20.48


Divided over a four-day, 10-hour work week, that’s an average of 5.12 per day. But WAIT! I still have half a loaf of bread and half of my deli stuff left, and other small items left! So let’s readjust… Okay the more accurate total is… $2.07 per day!!!! WOWWWWWWWW! Plus, I’ve still got plenty to get me through the rest of the week on this humble grocery list. Yayyyy! I might even have some money left to treat myself (in moderation, of course) to some ICE CREAM!!! Yayyyy!!! :D

See? It really helps to meal plan and grocery shop for your work week food. Eating out sucks the wallet thickness outta ya, bleh!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

For my Atlanta Peeps!

Hey ya'll! Hehe, I've always wanted to say "ya'll"....

I got friended on Twitter (my Twitter username is JennyBunnyBunns) by a gal who has a blog just about great deals she finds in my great home of Atlanta, GA. So for all you locals out there, this ones for you...

photo from dept. of justice website

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frugal Grocery Shopping 101

After all our stupid grown up bills, the next thing we spend the most amount of our money is FOOD. Food is essential to survival (it's also quite enjoyable), so though we can't eliminate it, we can certainly takes steps to cut back on our spending by using clever strategies.

Many people who've tried living on a dollar a day or whatever crazy-extreme things do, usually suffer the consequence of inadequate nutrition. Remember folks - it's better to be broke than to be unhealthy. HEALTH IS YOUR PRIORITY. Although many processed/boxed/premade foods can be cheap, they're not good for youuuuu! Why do you think there are so many people like me who've developed gluten intolerances? Because our digestive systems have not evolved fast enough for all this modern processed, mass-produced foods. So let's challenge ourselves in a positive way, by figuring out how to grocery shop frugally AND healthily.

My roommate, Jonathan, had read something that said that one should shop in the perimeter of the grocery store. You've got your fruits, veggies, fresh dairy, meats and seafood in the perimeter of every store. These are WHOLE foods. The healthiest, most basic of foods. I'm not telling you not to venture into the aisles, I'm just saying... it should be a general rule to have whole foods as the majority of your grocery purchases. With this said, let's get to some tips on how to save money on these perimeter-found foods....

* Do you have a farmer's market in your area? By cutting out the middle man, you save so much on whole foods. I used to live in Decatur, which had the Dekalb Famer's Market, just minutes away from my condo. When I moved to Atlanta (about 25 minutes away), I started shopping at the regular ol' grocery stores, and my produce was SOOO expensive in comparison. AND they were NOT fresh, blechhhh! So now I make it a conscious effort to go to the farmer's market. A longer trip is worth it in the end. At my farmer's market, they sometimes have pre-bagged produce for really good deals. They're usually cucumbers or tomatoes or apples or what-have-you that will spoil the fastest if they don't get rid of them, so they bad em and put em on sale. So make sure you're able to get to them within the week!

* Watch out for SALES! Whatever produce is on sale, for example - that's what you're eating that week (or however long it will sustain you). Usually prebagged stuff is cheaper, but it wouldn't hurt to calculate it in your head to make sure it's worth it to you. Some pitfalls of this is - if you're shopping for one, make sure you're able to eat everything before it spoils. Solution? Shop with a friend or two and split your bulk items!!!!

*Costco or other kind of bulk store. You have to do your own calculations on whether paying for a membership will be worth the savings - everyone has a different lifestyle. Again, if you're shopping for one this may not be worth it - but it would if you shared the membership with friends!

* Mealplanning - you don't have to spend a whole Sunday afternoon on this. You don't have to be rigid about it. Just have a general idea of how much you eat in a week, and what you can eat. This is my personal list for a typical week. This doesn't mean I buy ALL these things every single week, but these are the basic items I try to keep in stock at most times.

peanut butter
juice or milk (I use a milk sub, like almond milk)
bread (I buy gluten-free kamut bread from the farmer's market - it's the cheapest gluten free bread I've found - usually they're a ridiculous $6 a loaf!!!! - so I won't buy anything else. If there's no kamut bread, then no bread at all!)

sandwich condiments (store brand kind)
deli meats
sliced cheeses
lettuce or dark leafy greens, like collards or kale (LOADED with minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins, etc.)
rice noodles
dehydrated wakame or some other seaweed (LOADED with minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins, etc.)
tofu or something similar (bean curd sheets, tempeh, etc.)
whatever fruit is IN SEASON, usually pre-bagged on sale (if you buy produce only when they're in season, you save tons and they tend to last longer in your fridge or shelf!)

So for work I make myself a sammich, throw some fruit and/or veggies in. It usually lasts me my 10 hour work day.
At home, I make noodles with veggies, tofu or similar stuff, and seaweed. I also throw in an egg while the water's boiling, for added protein. Then you just splash on soy sauce and whatever spices you like for flavoring. Simple and still nutritious.

You don't have to follow my regimen. In fact, I encourage you to make up your own. EVERYbunny's different, so play on your strengths. What do you like to eat that happens to be healthy? Or how can you turn your favorite meal into a healthy one and still be yummy? If you're not enjoying what you eat, you'll never stick to a good plan. Ah, that reminds me....

* You should also add in some rewards for your frugal shopping. Once in a while, you should splurge on something nice and yummy for yourself. Variety is also good for your stomach and taste buds alike. If you see some salmon on sale, even the frozen kind, go for it. If you've been really good about saving grocery money, get a small thing of ice cream! Go ahead, it's okay! Live a little! It's very important that you don't deprive yourself. Smart money habits are very important, especially in these times, but you also have one life to live. So enjoy yourself when you've been responsible!!!!!

*If anyone has any more suggestions, as I'm STILL trying to refine my frugal ways... please feel free to comment and share!

Happy grocery shopping and even happier eating! *NOM NOM NOM!!!*

~Jenny Bunny Bunns!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homemade Cleaning Products are CHEAP!!!

I came from a Money Group meeting last night, with some amazing women. I was reminded about how cost-effective and eco-friendly making one's own soaps and cleaning products are. When I first learned about them, the first thought in my head was, "I just don't have the time to make that stuff..." True, I was working 70 hours a week at the time. But now that my work week hours have been reduced, I really have no excuse anymore. One afternoon on a slow day off is all you need. Most of the recipes I'm featuring will last you 6 months to a year, so it's not like you even have to spend much time making the stuff! All of these recipes are also eco-friendly. We're going back to our roots - the simplest cleaning solutions are often the most effective, cheapest, and eco-friendliest. Hard to believe with all the crazy products out these days - but it's so true! They all have the same effectiveness, if not better, of standard market cleaning products.

Without further ado...


Ingredients (most of these are found in the laundry and handsoap sections - if the borax and soda are hard to find, they sell them on, too):
1 PURE BAR SOAP - Ivory, Dove, or your own homemade soap
1/2 cup 20 Mule Team Borax
1/2 cup Washing Soda (not to be confused with baking soda)
medium sauce pan
2 gallon bucket (preferable with lid, unless you plan to put the soap in other containers)

Grate the bar soap into the sauce pan. Add 6 cups of water, and heat until soap dissolves. Then add the washing soda and borax, stir till dissolves. Remove from heat. Now pour 4 cups of hot water into the bucket. Add the soap solution to the bucket. Then stir in 1 gallon and 6 cups of room temp water. Let the soap sit for 24 hours. Use 1/2 cup of soap per load of laundry. Makes approximately 64 loads. This ends up being about 1 cent per load!!! CRAZY COOLNESS! Your clothes will come out looking and smelling clean, though you can add some essential fragrant oils if you want, though I haven't played with this, therefore don't know how much to put in.
Note: The soap solution will not consistently gel. It will look kind of like a weird, curdley solution. You can even youtube it to see exactly how it looks (because it's too hard to photograph). But this is natural. Just make sure you take some gelled parts and some liquid parts in each 1/2 cup per load. Also, this is a low-sud soap. If you don't see many suds or none at all, it's okay. It's still working hard for you!

DISH WASHING SOAP (2 recipes!)

2 c. grated bar soap (Ivory, Pure & Natural, Pears, etc.)
2-3 c. hot water and some more to dilute
lemon juice or vinegar
few drops essential oils for scent (opt.)
large container or bowl
squeeze bottles

Cover soap shavings with 2-3 c. hot water. Let sit for several hours or overnight to soften. The mash the soap solution till smooth. Add more hot water to dilute to desired consistency. Add lemon juice or vinegar to cut grease when washing. Add essential oils (like orange or lemon), as optional fragrance. Pour into squeeze bottles. Shake well before each use.

2 c. castile soap
few drops essential oil (orange or lemon)
1/2 c. warm water
squeeze bottle.

Combine castile soap and water in squeeze bottle.. Add essential oil. Shake well before each use.


6 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
4 tsp glycerin
7 drops peppermint essential oil
7 drops spearmint or wintergreen essential oil
stevie or xylitol (as sweetener)

Mix ingredients except for the sweetener thoroughly. Should be toothpaste consistency. Add stevia or xylitol to taste. Store in container with lid. You'll be surprised how fresh your mouth will feel. Flouride and chemical-free!

You can even play with this recipe - using different essential oils, such as cinnamon, vanilla, etc. Perhaps you can even add tea tree oil for added cleansing action. Be careful when experimenting, always remember - LESS IS MORE!!! TOO much of these oils CAN be toxic! So don't sue me for putting too much!! Peaz?


I personally haven't tried these, but I found a link to many natural homemade beauty products. If you try them, please leave a comment and tell me how they work. Thanks, and happy soap making!

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