Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great Group Coupons Thingies!

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Wondering what to do for presents, or even just for yourself? Well, I've been seeing some sites, lately - mostly local, BUT wherever you may be, there are probably equivalents you can find - that can save you on gift cards & other services! - the link to this one leads to the Atlanta local link, but I know there are links to other major cities. This site asks businesses to sell, for example, a $50 gift certificate to their restaurant for only $35. Or a spa could sell $100 worth of services for only $40! The catch is - they have to sell the set minimum amount of these deals in order for these deals to manifest, AND these are daily deals, too! So act fast and check often! - this is an awesome site that I LOVE! This features green businesses who will sell gift certificates for half off their store value! I got $50 worth of food from Pizza Fusion (because they make yummy gluten and dairy free pizzas, sooo yum!) for only $25! I was SO excited, because I only go there like once or twice a year because they're a little expensive (justly so, but I AM a frugal bunny, after all!). I also found a new doggie daycare place close to my house that I didn't even know existed, AND they're green! So I'm thinking about looking into them, buying a gift cert and trying them out with my pup :) Yay! I love this site!

MyDailyThread - this one has a similar concept to Groupon. This site seems to really support local and independent businesses, much like the above sites.

I love these sites because they're social responsible AND gives us a chance to splurge on luxuries we normally can't or won't afford, without actually splurging :) :) :)

~Jenny Bunns <3

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