Friday, November 13, 2009

6 Things I Want to Live Efficiently

I came across this article today: 10 New Ways To GO Green - Huffington Post
And it gave way to this wish list I have in my head about self-sufficient living, so I thought I'd list them here!

The Urban Homestead Book -
I have this book on my wishlist at But I kind of have a feeling that no one would want to give this book up! I'm sure eventually I will have to purchase it. I don't think I would do EVERYthing in this reference book, but I sure want to learn and see what I'm actually willing to do.

Ecolo Blue Atmospheric Water Generator
This device takes in water from the air - just like a dehumidifier - only this filters it into clean, healthy drinking water! Imagine - getting up to 7 gallons a day of FREE, CLEAN, drinkable water! Even with everyone in my household combined, we do not drink that much water a day - but we can use this free water for anything else! Screw city water! :P

Ambient Air Refrigerator
Use the outdoors to keep certain foods cooler. Hm, I don't know if I keep enough food like this to need one. But it's certainly a great idea for those who do! And who knows - maybe I WOULD keep more food if I had one of these!

Sink-Toilet Grey Water Combo
This might seem a little weird. But if you have a tiny 1/2 bathroom or looking to turn a small space into a bathroom, it'd be awesome to one of these... You wash your hands with the sink, the water used to do that goes into the toilet tank system and is ultimately used to flush down your, uh, presents for the sewer gods. Space-saving and efficient, this is something I'd want to do EVENTUALLY (when I win the lottery) when I install another bathroom in my house. This one's definitely on my wishlist.

Worm Composting Bin!
If we had a composting bin, we would eliminate a lot of our trash production. Our household doesn't produce TOO much trash - we only have to take the trash to the corner for pick up every 2-3 weeks instead of each week. But STILL...! And this could lead to more fertile soil to make one's own veggie garden. I think a bin would be better for our situation, because I wouldn't want my scampy little dog to get into this - he loves rolling in smelly things. Oh, dogs... So this would be ideal for all of us!

Rain Barrels
And of course - let's catch the rain sent by the Bunny Gods, to water our lawns and gardens! Properly made ones are mosquito-proof (thank goodness, because I hate those buggers!

Well, that's all I've got for now... Progress on my backyard is SLOW. Mostly because I'm allergic to mosquitos (sometimes people think I've fallen down stairs, but in reality I had been abused by mosquitos), so these Georgia summers are bad for me :( But SLOWLY but surely, my fiance is helping - in fact, he pretty much does all the work :) I hope that posting this blog, however, motivates me to pick up wherever he leaves off when he goes out of town this fall and winter. It might be colder, but at least the insects are kept at a minimum, and I can do what I can do help make use of the land I own! <3

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