Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some articles, some Jenny Bunns tips... :)


I ran into this article that may help us cut down on expenses painlessly. If anything, it's inspirational and may lead to your own ideas on how to cut down expenses! Click below for the article...

25 Ways to Cut Down Household Expenses on!

Here's another link to some water-saving tips (it's actually the link provided in the article above)!
Reduce Waterbill on!

And for my own tips...

I've recently started going to the gym regularly. I finally found a location convenient enough for me to actually WANT to go!!! Thanks to my friends, Nicolette and Tasha, who introduced me to the location (only 5 minutes away from my house and I never even knew it!) is a fairly new YMCA facility. The "Y" is pretty inexpensive compared to most other gyms (possible all) in and of itself. On top of that, they also offer financial aid, if you qualify. I certainly qualified, so my monthly fee is $31! That's almost a dollar a day - not too shabby for a lifetime of personal health! :) :)

Another tip coming off this one is... that you can save a lot of water usage in your home if you use the showers at the gym. You should still use the same water-saving courtesies as you would at home, but it certainly saves time and a bit of cash for you too.

I've also tried to get into the habit of reading a bit more. I thought about getting a Kindle. It's portable and you can hold thousands of books in that tiny little thing! You save space for sure! But... at least for now, I'm still not convinced that it saves money - the books themselves are still about the same cost as a physical book. Still great for saving trees.... but at this very moment, I can simply put the Kindle on my Christmas/Birthday list and hope someone reads my mind (which is where I keep my Christmas/Birthday list)....

Soo.... I've found these great alternatives for saving money and space on books....

Bookswim is a website that's very much like Netflix - but instead of DVDs, it's books! There are different levels of membership you can sign up for.

And then there's Paperback Swap, a website that facilitates trading paperback books with other people! The books you order are yours to keep, and if someone orders your book, you drop it in the mailbox. Of course, you have to pay for the postage when sending a book OUT. But you get a "credit" from the site when you order from someone else. I think it's a small price to pay for a virtually free book. This saves trees, saves space in your home, and saves money! This is AWEsome!!! :)

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