Monday, March 2, 2009

Tiger Balm.

A little story...

My fiance's neck was hurting and he ran out of Tiger Balm. So one day I was shopping at my favorite health food store, Return to Eden on LaVista Rd, and found Tiger Balm for $6.99. I was like, "Hm. When I was little, my parents got Tiger Balm at the Asian grocery store." So I waited till the next time I went to my local Asian Food Store (First Oriental Food Store by the Dekalb Farmer's Market in Decatur) and asked for Tiger Balm. It was $4.50. I was like "YES!!!!"

When shopping for Asian produced products, especially medicinal ones, it pays to go to the Asian food store. They usually buy in wholesale and sell it for dirt cheap (at least, as cheap as you can find in the States).

So, if you're looking for dumpling or eggroll wraps, rice, rice noodles, seaweed, nori wraps, even ramen noodles! You'll probably save more when you support your local Ethnic food store - plus, you might experience new things, which is always good for the soul! :)

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