Monday, January 31, 2011

Supermarket Shopping 2011

This SUPER cute and practical (form and function is my fave combo, haha!) bunny tote bag is available HERE!

It's convenient to do a one-stop shop at your local grocery store, but with convenience comes a higher price, of course. Here is a link to an article about what not to buy at a supermarket - it's better to purchase these items at a Target, a dollar store, etc. Well, just CLICK HERE for the specifics.

However, there are plenty of great things you can and should buy at your supermarket to save munnies! In Annie Leonard & Ariane Conrad's book "The Story of Stuff", they write "The average woman uses a dozen personal care products containing 168 chemical ingredients every day. Men use about six products a day with around 85 chemicals." I believe in coupling frugality with minimalism. Wow, that's amazing! Let's cut down the number of chemicals we're exposed to AND save money at the same time! You can...

* Give yourself a spa treatment at a fraction of the cost of a spa salon.
I remember when I was a tween and the first appearance of acne erupted on my face, my mother would spread egg white on my "T-zone" and tell me not to do any kind of facial expressions while it dried. After about 10 minutes, she'd tell me to rinse it off, and my skin felt much smoother and less oily. And sometimes after my parents were done hosting a dinner party, there would be a few leftover cans of beer. They didn't drink, so my mother would take a can of beer and wash my hair with it. She's wet my hair with water, then run the can of beer through it, then wash regularly with shampoo. Afterward, my hair felt silky smooth and it looked significantly shinier than before.

This is a great article that gives 9 facial mask recipes using whole foods. Simple, effective and CHEAP! :D

* Make your own laundry soap.
I had posted an article about making your own laundry soap a year or so ago. However, I'd been wanting to make it without using borax this time. Borax is generally safe, but it can be irritating because it's still a detergent. So, for those with very sensitive skin, here is a great recipe for borax-free laundry soap and you can find all these ingredients at your supermarket!

* The greatest two items you can get at your supermarket are Baking Soda and Vinegar.
Once you have these two things, it eliminates SO many other items that clutter up your home. BAKING SODA is not only great to put in your fridge to eliminate odors, but it is great for everything from washing your hair with to cleaning just about everything, from septic system maintenance to scrubbing your fruits and veggies. Vinegar (we've gotten a couple of gallons of it, which would last us a year or so) is also multi-functional. My favorite uses include soothing insect bites, making your pet's fur shiny, removing pet odors, keeping car windows frost-free, getting stains out and wiping grease off the stove, dishes or what-have-you. BUT, be warned - do NOT mix the two together, unless you want to launch a soda bottle rocket or make a volcano!

* Prepare your own foods.
Sounds kind of like "duhhhh!" but this article is practical and frugal! Yes! My favorite tip is using leftover fruit juices to make a yummy marinade for your meats (or tofu or portabella mushrooms for veggie lovers)!

~Jenny Bunns <3

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