Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Frugal Holiday Shopping

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What a tough year, eh?

I found a good article from Mr Cheap Stuff that'd be a good start to Frugal Holiday Shopping. Click below!

Mr. Cheap Stuff's 15 Ways To Spend Less On Holiday Shopping

Okay, now a tip from the Frugal Bunny herself. As always, this is just what's worked for me - this should just be inspiration to think of what would work for you.

I'm grateful for those who've helped me through the year and my career, so I've made it a tradition (inspired my my tattoo shop alma mater's tradition) of sending holiday cards to, not only my beloved friends, but clients and anyone else who've helped me along my professional and personal life. This is the solution to reaching out: I make my own cards, a limited edition each year. You don't have to be an artist to do this. You can be crafty. If you're not crafty, there's always clip art :) The receiver will see the effort you've put into it, even if it's just stick figures, when they see that you've custom made your own cards, and made your own personal message. I either go to Kinko's to print, or if I hadn't procrastinated (ahem), I use Overnight Prints. They print my snazzy business cards, too.
Between the printing costs and postage, you've said "HAPPY HOLIDAYS! THANK YOU FOR BEING IN MY LIFE!" to everyone while not going terribly broke. Feel spread too thin? Don't feel guilty. It's tough times, everyone will (or should) understand. And however small a token, the whole point of gift-giving is just to let someone know they matter to you. And you do, my bunny friends :)

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