Monday, January 24, 2011

A Slave to my Smartphone?

I have been debating over and over in my head whether I should downgrade my phone from a smartphone to a regular cell phone. But here is my dilemma: I used the dataplan MUCH more than I use the phone for, uh, phoning!!!

* Since I'm usually at work, I hardly ever use my talking minutes - and the minutes I do use are usually with my travelling hubby, which are free.... but the rare times I've used it to, say, call a utility company and am on hold forever can add up fast, since I have the minimal amount of free daytime minutes. SOOO... I've tried and successfully used Google Voice. I already have a Gmail account, so it was easy to set up my G-Voice. It gives me my own number and I've made calls on my computer for free! I can also use it for texting and voicemails! I found an article that also points out other free phone service using the internet... Just CLICK HERE for the link.

* For my job, I'm always getting emails from clients, so I use my phone a lot to check those. I also use it to upload the latest pictures of my tattoo or other artwork on my Facebook and other networks.

*With some phone models, you can actually tether your cell phone to your computer's airport. Your phone becomes a tiny little wi-fi hotspot for your computer, so you can enjoy internet use for your laptop wherever you and your phone are! That might come in handy, especially for what I do for a living!

So then I went to my mobile carrier's website to look at their plans. I was hoping to find that they have dataplans only, and they most certainly do! It would cut down over 60% of my current phone bill if I can switch to using the internet only. Of course, this kind of scares me - what if it doesn't work? What if I get stuck in a non-hotspot? Or will all this technology make my brain go mushy? So just to check, if I downgraded to a regular cell phone and got the lowest plan there was, it'd be the same price as if I got the dataplan only. Should I cut back so I can open my eyes to the "real" world and experience all that the Bunny Gods have already provided? Should I cut back so it can motivate me to be productive? Or... will keeping a smartphone make me more productive? Which one would make my life more enriching? I'm leaning toward going deserting my smartphone... but it's the digital addiction that's justifying that I keep it. So herein lies the dilemma. What should I do?

Any comments would help, but when I finally make the decision, I'll be sure to follow you up on this!

~Jenny Bunns <3

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Jacqueline and Andrew said...

I got rid of my iPhone (with much difficulty) when my company sponsored an Android model for me. I will enjoy the savings - nearly $60 monthly if I did the math correctly. Could I have done it had my company not given me a free smartphone? Probably not. Heres a question for you - are you still in the now defunct at&t $30/unlimited plan? That may affect your decision, as you will never get that plan back.

Good luck!